Hey Girl Hey! I’m Rachael, a 33-year-old idiot living in Indiana. Idiot because I know how cold it is in the Midwest and I am still living here (I’ve also lived in Michigan, Kansas, and Illinois and keep hanging on to “it’s beautiful three months out the year” which everytime I say it aloud makes me die a little more inside). I have the body of a woman who has had three kids but I only really have one kid, so my sarcasm and humor is what really draws em in. My passions are sarcasm, any kind of potato product I can eat, comedy, wine (#rosealldayson), any form of cheese, TV (not reality TV, there are just so many flaws in their storylines) making sure my son doesn’t turn out to be a douche, coffee,┬áthe Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and reading (I live for YA novels which is sad. But I’m too tired to care). I am just struggling to keep my head above water like I am sure you all are, so I hope this blog provides you a little laughter! Maybe a quick break from your hot mess of a day or just┬ásomething else to read on your phone while you avoid talking to the person sitting directly opposite you on the couch who is also on their phone (which is my night every night, #relationship goals).


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