The Struggle is Read – Friday Edition

Just some random Friday thoughts I felt why not force others to read…

  • Does anyone else hope Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are in an open relationship, but just with Nick Jonas being the third person?
  • I need to know who Mindy Kaling’s baby daddy is! If she pulls a January Jones and never tells us, I will be so angry! I’m hoping it’s Ben Affleck, I’d give him a few points back for contributing to such a stellar baby making combo.
  • I love seeing runners struggling and looking absolutely miserable, it helps validate why I don’t run.
  • People need to stop saying Friyay until 5pm. I have an entire day of work to suffer through and even though this day starts off my weekend the reminder of 8 plus soul crushing hours to go at 7am just makes me want to murder someone even more.
  • I remember when I used to be the young one, making the “old” 30 somethings feel like idiots. Now I’m the old 30 something #blessed
  • I just wanted to say you are the wind beneath my wings