The Struggle is Real – #Bandname #Edition

So because I am supposed to be an adult and live on a “budget” I had to cancel my Spotify premium for more “important” things like food, baby diapers, and cat litter (because of course I have a cat #representingthebasiclife4life). And due to unfortunate adulting circumstances, I have to listen to the actual radio. More often than not, I hear the one man band that is referred to as “The Weeknd”. And that got me thinking, as I feel everyone often does, what would my band name be? This one guy is so ballsy he went ahead and claimed arguably the best three days of the week to try to encompass his talent. Ok, I see your two to three days we have off to try to collect ourselves from the soul crushing event that is Monday through Thursday and I raise you “Coffee”. Yep, my band name is coffee. Or “Wine”. If this dude, who in my opinion needs to look a hell of a lot cooler to associate himself with the weekend, can be so bold as to take those days and claim them for his own, I get arguably the best two and most essential beverages out there for a mom, basicB, ladies of a certain age, or just normal people looking to have a good time! You are not that talented dude, get over yourself and knock it off because every time someone yells “It’s the Weekend” I hate seeing your face pop up in my mind!

But in all seriousness, what would your band name be? I honestly do think about this a lot because who doesn’t love dreaming of alternate realities when you are stuck in the Midwest working a 9AM-5AM and constantly asking yourself when you were making your pros and cons list of staying here what even a single pro was? Mine would probably be #catpants. Because as you can see I already have the best outfit to rock out on stage and because I firmly believe hashtags are way over used and annoying so I use them for everything! Due to the location of the cat face on these pants I think #pussyparty is a bit too on the nose. Holler at me with your band names or if you have an alternate suggestion for mine. Or cannot stand “The Weekend” just like me. And congrats my friends because you made it, it’s the Weekend!!!!


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